Pocket Reviews

These type of reviews are for those movies, TV shows, games and other media that I deem necessary to express my opinion in more detail. I’ll give the example of movies. Some can be easily pitched in a paragraph, they can be good with few mistakes or bad with little correct hits. However, some movies are not actually bad and not actually good, they vary a lot from people to people. So, for those movies, I have this separate category where I’m going to analyze the ones that don’t exactly fit in the paragraph reviews. I’ll still make the other reviews for them, but there are going to be more detailed versions in this category.

You might be thinking right now: “Isn’t this called Pocket Reviews?”. Indeed it is and there is a reason. Just because I’m going more in depth, it doesn’t mean that it will take me 2 pages to get the idea though, I’ll still just use a few paragraphs and always try to stay below five. I hope you enjoy it.