What an intense movie. Besides being realistic in its dialogue, it is also realistic in the way it portraits fear. Throughout the entire movie, you are kept on your toes as you do not know exactly what is happening and where things are going. The escalation of problems is done extraordinarily. If you don’t know this movie and what it is about I’ll explain. It is a Spanish horror movie from 2007 about dead people coming alive. I’m sure all stereotypes are set in your mind already. Forget them, or don’t, maybe it is better for you to go see the movie expecting something that will not happen. It is not the common horror movie with cheap jump scares every now and then and a complex plot that ends up not being completely explained by the end. This is horror at its best and, besides some problems, it can hold its own and should be watched by anyone searching for a little bit of adrenaline after midnight.


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