A good movie wrongly awarded. There is a beauty to this movie, not only one actually. The main plot of the mute woman finding her voice and confiding it to this sea creature is beautiful. The soundtrack is impeccable and memorable. There is also a beauty to the scenery and how things are set up around the characters that give it a very specific and interesting feel. Characters are interesting and have their own stories and pasts, most of them at least give this idea. However, I must say that it is not the movie that should have won the Oscars. I could see it winning, but it wouldn’t be my choice.

If you’ve seen my Call Me by Your Name review, you know what I’m talking. And if you’ve watched both movies, you can probably understand where I’m coming from. It is not about the themes themselves. I’m not saying that …Your Name had to win because it explored a social theme like homosexuals being repressed and so on and so forth. First and foremost, these are MOVIES, so I’m analyzing them accordingly. The Shape of Water had a very interesting main plot, but it fails in its secondary one. Don’t get me wrong, it is not bad, it is just a very simple and uninteresting one if compared to (good) movies nowadays.

I’m talking about the whole plot of having to save the fish creature from the bad government agent. Even though it is not necessarily the focus of the movie, it almost feels like it is. When this movie ended, I felt good about myself and felt good for having watched it, but that’s it. I didn’t get to FEEL. I never felt anything besides an empathy towards the main character and that is just what should happen in most movies. In Call Me by Your Name, even though the situation the characters were going through does not apply to me, I felt so many feelings throughout that it surprised me. I was confused in the beginning, happy in middle, saddened near the end and devastated in the finale.

This is not a review comparison between the two movies, but I just want to get my opinion through. The Shape of Water is a great movie, worthy of your time and of running for Best Picture. Just not good enough to have won…


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