An Oscar-worthy movie disregarded by the Academy. Some time ago I was looking at the news and one popped out about a member of the Academy that had criticized the movie without having actually seen it. According to the news, the member declared that it was “not an Oscar movie”. This is wrong and makes the event itself look bad. I’m not here to talk about the Oscars, but it was something that I couldn’t leave out since it is important for you to understand that not only this IS an Oscar movie, but also a great psychological thriller.It has amazing acting, directing and cinematography. It keeps you in a state of tension of not knowing what will happen and how the character is going to survive through it. The acting just adds to this level of tension as every person feels weird. This movie will make you uncomfortable but in a good way. I usually can say a horror/thriller movie is good when I put myself in the protagonist’s shoes and try to figure out if there is a way out of that situation. Most times, the answer to my question is “No, there is no hope” and that is what makes it good. When you don’t think there is a way the character is going to survive you are put in a much more intense situation as you are waiting for the ‘hero’ to die at any moment, even though you don’t want that to happen. When something finally does occur, you are surprised either way. If they live you’re not expecting it and if they die you are saddened by the occurrence.

Besides all that, this movie is also packed with metaphors and scenes that will be better understood after a second viewing. And some of these make you think about the state of our society. It is amazing how this director (Jordan Peele) managed to move out from comedy and make his first ever movie run for Best Picture with a very small budget if compared to other horror/thriller movies that are nowhere near as good.

Sometimes people are reluctant to go watch a ‘scary movie’. To those people, I say that it does not rely on cheap scares to make you feel what it wants you to feel. It is incredible as a film and shouldn’t be judged by its genre. I recommend Get Out to everyone I talk to and I think you should do the same, but don’t forget to watch the movie first…


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