A dark comedy that doesn’t fail to deliver. There are currently eight seasons in this amazing cartoon/sitcom/series and another season is going to start by the end of the next month. It has already been revealed that its 10th season will be its last and although I felt saddened by the announcement I completely understand and agree with the decision. Any show, even the best out there, needs to end at some point and it is better to leave on a high note. If you don’t know, Archer is about a James Bond-type character’s adventures with an incredible dark humor. It is seriously worth your time if you don’t have a problem with jokes that cut deep. I love this show, it made me laugh a lot. If you’ve heard of Rick and Morty, this is similar. Don’t get too hung up on the animation, you’ll eventually learn to appreciate it and understand how well it works for its genre. I invite you to see for yourself and appreciate it to your maximum capacity.


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