An intelligent, complex and entertaining show that will have you excited for its future season(s). Following the same idea from my last post, I’m going to review a TV show that is receiving its new season by the end of next month. Hopefully, by the time the new episode airs you will have already caught up. I think you understand by now that it is worth the watch. But why? You may ask. Westworld is not just a show about robots rising against humans or something similar. It has deeper meanings here that I could spend many pages going on and on. It explores themes like free will, freedom, consciousness, and morals. It will get you thinking by the end of it and for sure will surprise you with its twists and revelations. Don’t get any spoilers of what happens, you should see it blind. There are other factors that make it an essential watch like the acting (especially the beautifully performed character from Anthony Hopkins), the cinematography, the editing, the soundtrack and the scenery. I could talk about all of them, but I think it is enough. It is a unique experience, don’t let it pass by you.


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