An unwanted, surprising yet badly delivered continuation to a childhood memory. Dragon Ball requires no introduction. Many of us grew up watching it, especially the Z anime. It is marked in our hearts and I feel like that is why we are so critical of a content that doesn’t deliver exactly what it promised or what we expected. When people thought of a follow up to Z, I think few expected plots about gods and Universes. It was surprising and interesting. The movies, Battle of Gods and Resurrection of F, which gave way to the series were a great return for our favorite characters. However, when it was adapted to the small screen, it failed horribly. The animation had problems, the fights were underwhelming. It disappointed. As it went on, it got better, but still didn’t have the feel of the old show. It still doesn’t, and I think it lost more of it in this last arc as it was incredibly rushed. Characters don’t feel like they have a limit or difficulties as there is no consistency in how strong they are and every time there is a problem they just get magically stronger to be able to win. Today, it finally came to an end. It didn’t end with the greatest of conclusions and definitely nowhere near as emotional as Z’s finale. We have confirmation that the series is not going to end forever and might come back next year, so I hope that this time they bring it back with stronger ideas and consistency.


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