A well delivered compelling concept. You might think that I’m reviewing too many horror/thriller movies, but that is just because they are the ones I’ve seen lately. It Follows is no different from the good films I’ve been reviewing. It obviously doesn’t have the same production value as its budget is very tight, but it still delivers a very intense experience. It is about a monster that always follows the person that is currently ‘infected’ with it. If it catches you, you basically die. Just so I don’t keep praising movies and not pointing out its flaws, I’ll say that this movie has a better first half than a second one. The first part is definitely stronger in the sense that keeps you guessing to what’s going to happen and what are exactly the “monster’s” limitations. When you don’t know your enemy, it makes them a lot scarier. However, this intensity ends up fading little by little as the movie goes. I’m not saying that the movie is bad, but I’m not saying it is perfect either. If you’re a fan of horror/thriller this is a good movie and you should watch it. If you’re not a fan, but want to give horror a shot, this is a good one as well and don’t worry there are no huge jumpscares.


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