An acceptable cliché. The next season of My Hero is coming out April 7th and I deemed necessary to express my opinion on the previous two. Just for some context, this anime is about young Midoriya and how he became the greatest hero of all time as revealed in the second episode. I should start by saying that it is a series that I look forward to continuing watching as it entertains me. However, I won’t say that it will please everyone and that it’s flawless. It has many mistakes, at least to my view. One of them is how the main character is a complete bore and a cliché as well as his generic rival, but I do have friends who enjoy him. The villains are also generic and without personality, at least until the end of season 2. The secondary characters are what makes it more watchable as they steal the show, sometimes literally. I hear many arguments saying that My Hero is very deep with its concept of what makes a hero. I don’t think so. It is very simple in its approach and I’ve seen better movies and shows that explore this idea in a more original way. Please don’t come saying that in the future the manga gets better and so on and so forth. I’m not reviewing the manga, I’m reviewing a TV show. I’m also not saying the anime is bad, you should definitely give it a try if you like the genre. I didn’t feel like I lost my time watching the previous seasons and I’m going to be watching the next one and reviewing it afterward.


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