A series not worth the time I spent watching it. In contrast with Vikings, which I thought was at least a fun watch, in the beginning, this show fails from the start. After a couple of episodes I already wanted to drop out, but somehow I persisted through the entire first season, a pain hopefully only a few endured. Fear the Walking Dead has horrible characters, plotlines and is nothing compared to the original show from which it was inspired. That is saying a lot, knowing that The Walking Dead is also not good. Maybe a review is needed for that show as well. I end by saying that I do not know if this series gets better after season 1, but I can guarantee you that you’ll waste the time you spend finding out.



  1. I gotta agree with you here, sort of. I was a huge fan of the series in the beginning but plotlines and suspense dropped off … a lot, like off the empire state building. I muscle through it now for the past investment and my wife is still as hooked as she always was. Fear was a rough one for me as well. I didn’t like the daughter, the mother, the druggy son was alright but that was it. I enjoyed the change of atmosphere. The latest premiere gave us a new Jack Sparrow- esque character played by Garrett Dillahunt and I feel his charchter alone will be either the saving grace to the series or at least what will keep current viewers watching but I don’t think anyone is going to be joining the Walking Dead train that took off from the station years ago.


    1. Completely understand. What made me stay until the end of season 1 for this, and season 7 for The Walking Dead, was the hope that it could get better. Unfortunately, it failed to engage me after a certain point and I decided to drop it.


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