An average and slightly annoying movie. This film tries too hard to make you uncomfortable. Good thriller movies don’t need to try this hard to put you in that situation, they can easily do that by how natural the unnatural is happening. In this movie, the unnatural feels unnatural and doesn’t really sell you on the story. Plot points are predictable and never surprise you. The main character is suspicious of something from the beginning and when completely regular stuff happens. That breaks the illusion that a movie should construct and makes you lose interest. It can make you annoyed at some points, especially with the main character’s complete distrust. Will is probably the least realistic person in the movie, you never do relate to him and the events make you not cheer for him. Maybe it was a decision from the writer of the movie to make him that way, but unfortunately for me, it didn’t work. The Invitation is a regular movie that doesn’t really make you feel what it was supposed to. Maybe for you, it is going to be different so I won’t say it is a complete waste of your time, but don’t go in expecting a top movie.


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