SHORTS! – What is it all about?

Who am I?

Pedro Figueiredo Nogueira - Porto

I’m Pedro Figueiredo Nogueira the writer and creator of this blog. I’m currently studying Journalism at a university in Portugal. I created this blog for some reasons and decided to write it in English because it is the language I am used to writing the most in. I’ve written a book already, even though it is not currently for sale, but maybe one day I can share the experience of writing it with all of you as well as the book itself. But why did I create this blog? I want to one day be a full-time author, maybe even get to direct and write some movies. I love talking, debating and having deep conversations about this subject. It is something that interests me more than most things. I want to share my thoughts on the movies I’ve seen and on the ones to come. Even though I like talking about them in depth, I doubt most people would be interested in me pointing out really specific things and saying exactly what is good and bad. So, I came up with the types of reviews that are currently being posted.


How does it work?

Paragraph reviews are my main way to express my opinion about something here. It gives me enough space to tell everyone in a clear and simple way if I think a certain movie is worth their time. It doesn’t take more than a single paragraph and I think it is easily accessible to everyone as it doesn’t take long to read.

Pocket reviews are my secondary way to approach a subject. If I think a movie or show has more things to it that I would like to talk about, this is the review to do. It is also not that big with a maximum of five paragraphs, but it explores more deeply the themes and some aspects of what I’m reviewing.

What about… and Unfinished reviews are just other ways for me to talk about something. They each explore a subject in a different way. If you want a specific explanation of what they are, go to the “Other Reviews” page on the menu.

There are also some other types of reviews coming, so you’ll have to wait for it.

-What is my post schedule?

For the first two weeks of the blog, I posted every day without skipping a single one. However, from now on it will be only three days a week: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at exactly 5:00 PM Lisbon time. What about… posts are not included in this as episodes from tv shows might come out outside the specified days.

-How do I choose what I review?

I review what I watch, so if I’m in the mood for some horror movies those are probably the reviews that are going to come out later. However, if you ever want me to review a certain thing, please comment in one of the posts or on the Facebook page and I’ll be sure to consider it.

-What about newly released movies?

Theaters here in Portugal are not cheap, which can be a problem. But don’t worry, I do go there sometimes and will be sure to review the movie afterward. On TV shows, I don’t need to go far to watch them, so I’ll try to have a review of a new one every now and then (note: I do not watch every single TV show out there, feel free to recommend me one if you want).


So that is it. If you want, you can follow the blog by just signing up to receive notification via email or like the page on Facebook that will have updates every time a new post is published. Hope my reviews can help you and entertain you.