An interesting, dynamic zombie movie. The Train to Busan is a South-Korean film about a dad and his daughter trying to survive their trip to Busan. Even though it is Korean, it is not that different from other zombie movies in the sense that it has the same principle ideas: a group must survive a zombie outbreak. This time, however, what makes it interesting is that they have to do it on a train. It may seem like a joke, but it is compelling to a certain degree. It doesn’t bring anything new to the genre/theme making it neither the worst nor the best zombie movie. It entertains you and can make you apprehensive when needed and that is what the movie set out to do. Not all films can be the best, but they can at least have your attention when you are bored. It has its interesting and compelling moments where it leaves you on the tip of your toes, but some scenes can try to feel too dramatic and end up actually breaking the tension. Characters seem to take forever to make a decision and, when they do, they take forever to act upon it. However, each of them feels like they have their own personality. Some characters will make you angry at them and others will have you cheering for their survival. The ending is a bit cliché and obvious, so I think it could have been different. Finally, I don’t believe I lost my time watching it and actually quite enjoyed it. It’s fun sometimes to have a look at outside movies and leave the common, familiar setting of America.



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