One of the best and definitely one of my favorite anime. It is not without its problems like everything, but I must say that it’s incredible. If you don’t know, it is about humanity trying to survive the threat of the Titans, creatures that almost no one knows anything about. Attack on Titan is returning this year for its third season and I’m really excited for it. It is not just another anime to add to the long list of already existing anime with violence. It has a different kind of charm to it and some deeper themes sprinkled throughout it. For what I’ve seen of what has come out thus far, it has absurd potential.

Characters are all well developed and relatable and few are annoying. I know some people that would think Erin, the protagonist, can be sometimes a little irritating, but I disagree. They are entitled to their opinion, but I want to say that Erin is a good character. Imagine seeing the horrors that he saw, living through it with a clear objective in mind and sticking to it in all situations. Imagine feeling alone and with, sometimes, almost no one believing or helping you. I can relate to that and feel sympathy for him. I think people judge his personality a little too quick most of the time.

However, he is not my favorite character. But before I get into this, let me talk a little bit more about what makes this show great. Besides the amazing character depth that most get, there is also the concept itself of the show that is completely original. This idea is really awesome. Weird titan creatures that are much bigger than humans and that almost everyone doesn’t know a thing about them and that are out there to eat you alive. And the other interesting part is that humanity found a way to protect itself by mysteriously building these walls that surround them. The show is filled with hidden information that is fun to discuss and theorize about. It has a way to escalate problems that is done quite appropriately. It takes one step at a time and develops its story without rush.

The animation is great and has given us some great fight sequences. The plot has no fear of killing characters and does it in a way that feels realistic. If you are fighting giant human-eating monsters and you make a mistake, it might cost your life and that is realism. The show delivers plot points in a way that makes it heavy. You can put yourself in their position, sense the emotion and notice the consequences of their actions. There is also a phycological factor for most characters. They all have a reason to be fighting and it is completely understandable. Without spoilers, I would like to recommend that you take a closer look at episode 9 from season 2. It delves deep into character motivation and on an inside look at how they think and feel. Another great episode is on the OVA “No Regrets”. Part II is not only emotional but makes you understand how a certain character behaves the way he does, in this case, how my favorite character behaves.

I think this is an obligatory anime for fans and people who want to get into this genre. It will please you in one way or another. It has everything you could ask for: depth, character development, great plot, great action, great animation, originality, and mystery. Give it a chance and it will win you over.


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