An example of great balance in an unbalanced genre. After Iron Man, the MCU started strong with a great diversity of heroes leading up to the Avengers. Everyone was blown away by such a well-constructed universe. However, as it went, it lost some of its essence. It started industrializing the formula of the movies that had worked. Plots became the same and characters had no depth. That is what is happening to this day. However, a few movies are saved from this endless cycle. Guardians is one of these. It has the same plot structure as other ones from the MCU, but it is different in the way that it was probably one of the first superhero movies where the characters don’t take themselves seriously. From the beginning you are introduced to a character that, even though had a traumatizing experience as a child, found ways to cope with the situation with music. If you notice, all characters have a strong background but are dealt in such a way that shows that they are in some way human as they joke about their situations and have unique personalities. I said in the beginning that this movie is an example of balance, at least for superhero films nowadays. It manages to have important and deep moments followed by funny ones without feeling forced or making the moment less important. Guardians is a fun, entertaining and different movie. It has its importance for the rest of the MCU and its characters are memorable and likable.


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