A compelling plot, slowly developed. This is a solid sci-fi/fantasy movie. It has an interesting premise, which is obligatory for this genre of film nowadays, but it fails a bit in the conclusion. When you are first introduced to the concept, you want to know more and at the same time, you kind of know where everything is heading. At least for me, the outcome of situations is predictable and not very impactful as you don’t really connect with the characters, even the protagonist. That is also because from the beginning you are pretty much told what will happen. It has its nice moments and great visuals, but it’s not something to stand out that much from other sci-fi. Moments can feel too calm and tranquil almost putting you to sleep. Characters many times whisper amongst themselves for no apparent reason. And everything I said leads up to the ending, which I’m not going to discuss in detail or with spoilers, just going to brush through it. It is underwhelming, basically. It doesn’t deliver anything that I wasn’t expecting or anything original for the genre. Annihilation can have you engaged in its plot and the concept itself, but will not stay in your mind for long. It is a forgettable movie that you will maybe enjoy if you’re a fan of sci-fi.


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