A show that was never good, but makes you think it was. First of all, I must say that season 1 was actually fun, or at least interesting. It had a simple premise, compelling enough characters, a reasonable plot and ‘ok’ visuals. This season was what made me stick for the rest, a hopeless wait for it to get back to what it was. I’m not saying the plot shouldn’t develop into something bigger, but it should make it interesting enough to excite you every week. Season 2 was awful and don’t fight me on this, go back and you’ll see. After its fall, it never got back up again. There were slight hints that it was getting better at about the Terminal arc, but afterward… So, why did I decide to finally stop after 7 seasons? The truth is, If I were strong enough I would have stopped at 2. I’m not joking. Season 2 is the example of how bad the show is. At the time, I just thought it would one day pay off, or something like that. I also thought that, even though it was bad, it was entertaining me. Both lies that the show made me believe. Everything it had in season 1 is now lost. The premise doesn’t matter anymore, characters, at least for me, are all a pain to watch because of the melodrama around everything they do, the plot is just repeating itself every season and visuals are the same. However, The Walking Dead has some strange power to raise great audiences and keep them wanting more. It’s actually surprising. I know people that live to see more of it, but I also know people that grew tired of it all as seasons went by. Unfortunately, for me, it wasn’t worth my time anymore and so I stopped. For you, it might be different, if you are not accustomed to good TV.


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