The best of Spider-man, yet a long way to go. It is almost undeniable that this is probably the best Spider-man movie thus far. It has Marvel’s budget and their writers, something not available in previous installments. The visuals are great if compared to the old Toby Maguire ones. The acting is something to be mentioned because if you remember correctly, the old ones didn’t really stand out in that aspect. Tom Holland as Peter does a great job, performance-wise. He is charismatic and fun to watch. However, probably my biggest problem with the movie, he is too perfect. If you notice, everything he does is always perfect and even when he messes up, there are no real consequences. You might be thinking: “But there were consequences to his actions”. There were barely any consequences. I don’t want to spoil anything, but the only actual consequence is for vulture and the people around him. And that is just because he was the bad guy. Not a consequence of Peter’s actions, but of Michael Keaton’s character’s decisions. The rest of the movie is solid. It has your attention and does entertain you. I don’t think it is the best Marvel movie or the best superhero one, but I guess it the strongest contestant for the best Spider-man film.


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