A roller-coaster of quality. I’ll start by getting directly to the point, season 1 is good, the rest not so much. I won’t say that it gets bad and unwatchable. It doesn’t, if it did, it would be an unfinished review. After the first season, it doesn’t necessarily go downhill but starts getting weaker in terms of how intense it is. While in season 1 there were people getting killed in rituals and all sort of horrible stuff like that, season 2 and beyond loses some of that impact. Maybe when it came out it felt like a different approach to an already saturated theme (vampires, werewolves, and witches), it worked. However, the rest is very much a roller-coaster as mentioned in the beginning. Each season has its ups and downs and can never maintain it for long. At least it is not one of those shows that when it gets bad, it stays that way. Characters can be likable and unlikable, it depends on the plot that is currently happening. The story follows the same structure: sometimes good, sometimes bad. The entire series has this feel to it. I won’t say it isn’t worth your time, maybe take a look at season 1. If you enjoy it enough, you should continue, even knowing that it will not be exactly the same afterward. Season 5 is coming out this week and I’ll be watching it. I’m curious to know where it will go from the ending of the last episode released so far. Season 3 had an ending that felt like the finale and season 4 had also something very similar, so I’ll be checking it out to see if they can surprise me. I hope they do.


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