It’s time to talk about the best Marvel movie in my opinion. This film got almost everything right that a superhero movie should get. It had amazingly choreographed fight scenes, compelling characters, great visuals and an awesome plot. If you didn’t like the first Captain America, this one is completely different and much better. The winter soldier is a great addition and makes everything more personal for the hero. As I already said, the fights scenes are top notch. The choreography is carefully constructed to make it visually pleasing and fast-paced. There is no clear side winning, and they balance it out very well. The threat introduced has a weight at least until the end, but I’ll talk about it in a second. Support characters are also likable. Somehow, they made me like people I didn’t expect to. Falcon, who I do not enjoy seeing in other movies, actually is interesting here in his first appearance. However, nothing comes without flaws. Although Captain 2 is the best MCU movie in my opinion and one of my favorite superhero movies of all time, it does have its minor flaws. The bad guy is forgettable, not the winter soldier, but the other guy, who I can’t even remember the name. Even though HYDRA is the enemy, the final plan feels a little too unrealistic. At the same time, how does something that big of an event not trigger the Avengers? These minor mistakes and some other points do not take away from the final product that is The Winter Soldier. This movie has consolidated itself as my favorite MCU film and so the recommendation is given.


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