A modern show with 80s themes. Who would have thought that a series that brings back an old style would attract so much attention these days, and for good reason? The first season is well-crafted. It has great characters and performances from all the actors, no question. It has an immersive plot that will have you wanting more at the end of every episode. The feel of the show manages to mimic a lot the 80s style and it works quite well. This also explains the almost infinite amount of references, even with the enemy creature. Wynona Rider definitely steals the show several times with her great acting and emotional moments. You can feel her descending into chaos and internal conflict as she struggles with the disappearance of her son. You can feel her pain and understand her efforts. Other characters also deserve their praise, especially the kid actors. It is important to understand that this show is good mostly because of the acting and nostalgia, but it doesn’t mean it only has that going for it. While it draws a lot from the 80s, it also brings its new ideas. I won’t say much about it because it gets into spoiler territory. Stranger Things season 1 deserves a watch. If not for the modern elements, then for the 80s nostalgia.

If you would like to read the review for season 2, click HERE



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