[Contains SPOILERS]

After the amazing season that was the previous one, we finally get a new one. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and have tried figuring out everything I could about it. I theorized and discussed the themes and the plot, listened to the soundtrack and watched all the trailers. This episode was just the beginning of what feels to be something bigger. I hope it achieves what it set out to do. I don’t want it to feel, by the end, as just a useless continuation. A failed attempt at living up to the hype. I want it to succeed. Episode 1 definitely gave me a reason to continue, although it wasn’t perfect. I am curious to see how everything happened and how it got to that point in just two weeks. Where is Dolores after the two-week period? What is happening to Bernard? Is Ford alive? I’m full of questions.

I want to talk about the episode itself a little bit more instead of drifting into discussions for the entire season. It seems that they are bringing back a style that worked very well in the first season, the past and present storyline. They showed Bernard two weeks later and at the end of episode 1×10. And, from the preview, it seems they will be going even deeper, before the events of season 1. The soundtrack was on point. There were moments, mostly when the man in black showed up, in which they played the old soundtrack. However, whenever they showed the now conscious ‘robots’, a new soundtrack played. It was, in general, a slow episode, but that is what Westworld has always been. It’s the style that defines it. There are some problems I had with it, but I don’t want to go over them yet, as I think some may be fixed as it goes. It definitely succeeds in one thing: setting everything up.

Click HERE for Westworld season 1 review.


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