[Does NOT contain spoilers]

For some people, the most anticipated movie of this year. So, did it live up to the hype? I can say it probably did, for most people. It was not perfect for sure and it didn’t beat the Winter Soldier, which stands as my favorite Marvel movie. It had action from the beginning and sometimes even made you feel overwhelmed and exhausted from the amount of fighting that never stopped. It was a constant burst of information that had you not being able to react properly to certain situations. To contradict what I just said, it was slow at first. It had endless action, but it felt somehow slow in comparison with the second half. However, the movie is not just these ‘problems’ I pointed out, it had some great, awesome parts. The music grows when some characters appear, and you feel the throwback to the ‘old’ movies. We must agree, the MCU is getting older, they are 10+ years now. Not saying that to criticize it, saying as a fact.

Now, how did all these heroes fit into a 2-and-a-half-hour movie? The Russo brothers separated the screen time given to each individual hero very well. It seemed as if everyone had a similar dedicated time. Thor was funny and badass. The Guardians had some of the best moments and worked better here than in their second movie. Vision and Scarlet Witch had more moments to shine than in the entire cinematic universe. Doctor Strange and Spiderman also were top-notch. The Hulk, was there. Hawkeye, wasn’t. Tony was Tony. Steve was Cap? Not really sure about this one. And, finally, Thanos was great. Josh Brolin doesn’t disappoint. His acting was on point, emotional, strong, intimidating and more. The directors wanted him to be Darth Vader level… I’m sorry, but that is unachievable. There’s only one Vader. Thanos, however, manages to become finally the second Marvel villain to have development, like Loki. His CG was great as well, by the way. Well done.

Time to talk about fights. There were a LOT. It’s pretty much from start to finish, nonstop. It is good and bad. While it is good because you see the heroes going at it with everything they know, it can get really exhausting. Halfway through the movie, I was getting tired, but then things took a turn and I was back. When I say, ‘took a turn’ just so we are clear that it is not a spoiler, I just mean that fights get better choreographed and more visually appealing. Basically, there are some great moments in the last 40 minutes, won’t talk more about it.

What about emotion? Did this movie make me feel anything? For a long time, superhero movies had lost their effect on me. They still have none. However, Infinity War did make me excited at some points expecting some things to happen, and understanding of characters’ emotions in others. I think it is the strongest part of this movie. Because of all the films they had for the past 10 years, people are invested in them. There were moments when the entire movie theater was silent, just observing what was happening. Yet, there were others when people were cheering and celebrating. It has an effect on many people.

In the end, I had my fun. Left the movie drained, though. Infinity War is a good movie, better than many of the recently released superhero ones. If you are an MCU fan, chances are you already watched it. If you are a more casual watcher, it has its entertaining value, maybe give it a look. It is, for many, what they have been waiting for these past 10 years.

If you want to read a SPOILER-filled review, click HERE.


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