An unjustified continuation. I know that when you create a story it might be hard to just leave it and go for a new one. It takes self-control, which neither creator had. After a successful first season with a plot that closed in a nice way leaving an interpretative ending, the sequel to it was completely unnecessary and hardly would achieve the expectations created. The newest season failed in almost every aspect season 1 succeeded. It introduces a handful of new characters that have NO importance or impact at all on the plot. You will not connect with them the same way you connected with the others. There is one particular character played by one particular Hobbit that was created for one simple purpose and that is to be a convenient plot device and forced emotional impact. Characters that shone in the previous seasons, like Eleven and Mike, were now reduced to probably the most annoying and boring people. They had moments that were really just worthless. Season 1 is good on its own and does not require a sequel. The 80s vibe was completely embraced in the worst possible way. They copied the Alien franchise by following on its steps. The enemy that was intimidating in the first season now was substituted by many less threatening versions. There are two good things in it, though, like Wynona Rider’s acting as well as Will’s. Besides that, everything seems worse and less fluid. It is not an original concept anymore, it is a rehash of old stories made into a new version of it. Of all clichés from the 80’s, who would have thought they would choose to embrace the unending bad sequels.

If you would like to read the review for season 1, click HERE



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