With this premiere, Archer maintains its tone. I missed this show. It had some great moments. Archer discovering he had cancer and going on a rampage. The entirety of Archer Vice. Katya Kazanova and Barry Dylan’s stories. All of these moments and more are amazing and define this show’s ideas and tone. With season 8 they went to Dreamland and tried a version of a noir story. For me, it worked. Maybe it was slow at first, but I was invested quickly. It is bold for any TV show to move away from the original storyline and go two seasons into a dream world that has probably no impact on the original one. I thought, at first, that it would make the show less immersive because you wouldn’t care as much about what happened to the characters. It is good storytelling if they can make the opposite happen. Season 8 was an example and I went into season 9 with that thought in mind. I really enjoyed the premiere, especially the talking parrot and the jokes around it. In 20 minutes the series successfully showed us that Archer is back.

Click HERE for the review of Archer (Seasons 1-8).


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