A politically and emotionally complex story that hasn’t learned when to stop. Like most TV shows and movie series, Homeland doesn’t know when to stop. Its first couple of seasons are great, intense, character-driven, compelling and complex. There are moments that can really have you on the tip of your toes expecting what might be inevitable. The actors do a great job of immersing you and making situations even more intense. However, it loses its inspiration as it goes, it seems. Season 3 is not as good, but bearable because they had to finish the plotline. Season 4 is a little worse and not as original. Plot points start repeating with slight differences and the protagonist becomes slowly more and more annoying. It also seems the writers decided to make the protagonist cry in every episode possible, just because she can do it naturally. It is a good thing for an actor or actress to know, but it doesn’t mean we have to see it every time. It loses impact. When the season finally finished, I was waiting for the next one to see where it was going, but not as excited as I once was. I can say that it doesn’t get back to the quality of the first seasons, as there are people that I know that have continued to watch. However, I also can’t say that it gets worse. But why I never watched the rest? By the time season 5 arrived, I had lost my interest as I remembered that the previous season had not been that involving. It also felt that the creators didn’t want to leave the characters and the story behind. Stopping when something is at its height is a quality that few TV shows and movie series can say they have. Homeland is definitely worth watching. The 3 first seasons are really good and if you want to stop after that, there is no problem in doing so.


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