An overall good movie with a few plot holes. It is hard for a time-traveling story to avoid having at least a few holes. Looper is not an exception and does have a few things that do not make a lot of sense. However, the movie itself is very enticing and I think it isn’t affected that much by the inconsistencies. I can’t talk about it a lot because it would get into spoiler territory, so I’ll just move into other points I had to make. The concept is very interesting with the whole looper idea and the insertion of time travel. There is also a kind of ‘superpower’ mixed into it, which usually would take my immersion from the movie, but it somehow works well with what it is established from the beginning. Ryan Johnson is the director and proves he can make a captivating plot with something so complicated as time travel. Many films try to approach the subject and fail horribly as they find hard to maintain cohesion. There is something to be mentioned as well, I want to give props to the movie for not completely making it a Bruce Willis story. When a film has such a big actor like this one, it usually tends to make the entire movie focused on the character played by the one specific actor. Looper manages to stray away from that and be its own thing. One last point that I would like to bring up is that I enjoyed the ending. I thought it worked. With that in mind, I would recommend the movie for those who like futuristic action-thriller movies and for those looking for something to watch without giving it much thought.


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