A film that maintains the same structure as most action/adventure movies, adding nothing new to the genre. I didn’t expect to end up watching this. I never had the intention to. I imagined it would be just a bad story in general and I was partially correct. It feels like it is a film that follows the current trend of releasing awful sequels to old movies. Even though I do not think it is nearly as bad as some other action contemporary flicks, it’s still not the greatest one ever. It has the all-time clichés and the completely unimportant plot. You’ll never watch this type of movie for the actual depth, character development or plot. It’s a fact. I only watched it because I wanted something to turn off my brain to. If you want to do the same, this is the movie. Don’t go in expecting anything more. I think that just the fact that it has the Rock, you can already guess how the movie works and why it is the way it is. The actors do a good job, though, with what they had to work with. The Rock is his usual character. Jack Black is probably the best actor in the movie, playing something completely different from what I expected. Karen is the only one that for some reason I felt never really tried. And, obviously like in most movies he is in, Kevin Hart plays himself. The plot is basically everything you’ve ever seen in an action movie. The villain is the most generic person you could think off and there is no originality to pretty much everything else. The Jumanji sequel doesn’t really ruin the original, as it wasn’t that great, but it also doesn’t bring anything new. It is an enjoyable watch on your Sunday afternoon when there is nothing left to do.


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