An uneven ride to season 4. Gotham is an interesting show with a good premise. Batman is one of people’s favorite superhero and when they announced that they would do a show before Bruce became the Dark Knight, I think many people were excited for it. However, season 1 already divided the waters and many left. It was a series that seemed to focus more on the mafia side of the city and I must say I really enjoyed that part. Falcone and Penguin fighting the police and other people that would dare to oppose them. One of the best parts of this show is that there is a great progression to the plot and characters. Penguin from season 1 is much different than Penguin from season 3. There is also a difference if compared to other superhero shows. There is no main villain for the entire season. Usually, when there is a bad guy, they last for maybe half the episodes and then the focus changes. It gives the show a good dynamic and makes the city feel more realistic and alive. However, not everything works wonders. Season 3 was much worse than the previous 2, I thought at least. Characters didn’t feel like themselves and the plot was overall bad. They started introducing more and more villains and breaking more and more from the Batman lore. I’m not saying that season 1 and 2 were good in its entirety, definitely not. Every season had its down points, but the third one had it for longer. Sometimes it is not even the entire episode that fails, maybe just a plotline with certain characters while other plotlines are good and fun. Ok, I’ll summarize. Gotham, for me, wasn’t the best time always but made me stick to it until the point that it is at now.


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