The good seasons. When the flash was announced I was excited to see what they would do. Having a TV show about one of my favorite heroes was awesome. The first season was definitely surprising with its compelling and engaging plot and good enough effects. There were obvious problems with character dialogue and plot development, but it was the beginning and it worked well, especially because of the acting of some specific people. Season 2 seemed to learn from the mistakes of season 1 and improve upon it. However, even though it did that, it had its own mistakes. Overall, the second season brought us what we wanted from a continuation of the first with a plot captivating enough to keep us watching every week. One thing that I should mention that appertains to both seasons is the amazing soundtracks. Both villains and the hero have incredible themes. Another point to make is that I remember that at the time people were really invested in the plot. The series blew up with the second season. They saw how they managed to develop villains well. Season 1 with the man in the yellow suit and season 2 with Zoom. They were both intimidating and made you want to stick until the end to see how Barry would defeat them, or if he would even be able to. There was also the emotional factor when they killed off certain characters. It was the way they found to surprise people and keep them on their toes. So, I feel like watching the first two seasons was not a waste of my time. I cared for the characters as I grew to like them. I was intrigued by the plot’s unraveling. The Flash TV show worked, in my opinion, at first. Then, season 3 came…


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