A surprisingly funny show even after all this time. Sitcoms are not made to last forever. They usually die around the tenth season but start running out of ideas by the seventh one. Big Bang Theory managed something exceptional for this type of show, to stay relevant and funny after all this time. Even though not every episode is funny, jokes can feel too forced and predictable and the laugh track is really annoying, it still captivates a great audience for a reason. It is that show that you watch on a Friday (at least for me) just to relax and forget about the stress of the week. When I watch it, I feel so calm and distant from my problems. It entertains me and sometimes I laugh. I should say that it is not something to binge-watch. If you decide to start from the beginning, take your time. Watch it slowly, enjoy, appreciate. The cast is good, can feel too much sometimes, but overall good actors and actresses. The plot is individual to each episode with just a few things carrying over to the next. And one last thing before I finish, the theme song for the intro… I’m tired of it already. Ten seasons with the same song is just too much. Finally, The Big Bang Theory is neither the funniest nor the best sitcom out there, but it can have you laughing when you need it the most.


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