An unexpected success. Kingsman not only surprised me but also everyone who decided to watch it. I don’t think anyone who didn’t know the characters (because they are based on a comic book if I’m not mistaken) disliked this movie that much. Even people who are not into this genre of film at least had an enjoyable time. It is one of those movies that comes out without warning and is somehow great in what it set out to do. Kingsman is no different. It is a funny, pleasurable and well-handled story. Characters are mostly good enough to have you liking them and villains are just bad enough for you to know who to cheer for. Probably the most loved character from this movie is Galahad and for good reason. The plot is crazy, but after you are introduced to the Kingsman concept and the first fight on the bar, you know what to expect. Staying on that note, the fight scenes are incredible. I think action movies should borrow some of the technique from this film to stop relying on shaky cams and other horrible methods during a fight scene. Kingsman succeeds as a film and as entertainment, but its sequel…


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