The bearable season. After two amazing seasons, one would think that the next one would follow in their steps and keep learning from the mistakes they previously committed. However, it didn’t work that way. The plot seemed to be a rehash of the old ones: a bad guy, faster than the protagonist, wants something from the Flash that is not exactly his life. It started getting old, predictable and uninteresting. I don’t want to believe it, but I think this season marks the shift of the superhero genre. At about the time this season came to be, other superhero series and movies were also losing interest in the general public. The genre had become saturated in the market and still is to this day. Studios won’t stop pumping the same exact formulas and selling them to hardcore fans like they are something new. This season feels like that as well. It is not awful, it is, as I pointed out in the beginning, bearable. So, basically how was the season? The villain is definitely not as compelling as the other ones. Characters seem to stay the same and haven’t really progressed from the previous season to this one. There is one particular person that will get on your nerves. The plot, as I said, is a rehash and completely not original or different in any way. The soundtracks, which were wonderful in the first two seasons as it immersed yourself in the characters, had no impact whatsoever this time around. There are many problems with characters and plot, but in the end, somehow not as divisive as season 4…


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