The pleasant surprise. After three rocky seasons in terms of quality, season 4 seems to have broken that. While in the other ones they seemed to be missing a lot of the actual Batman theme and the personality of the villains, in this one they got many things right. Not saying it is perfect, it has many mistakes. But overall, this season is way above the other ones. Let me first start by just comparing some points with the previous seasons. While on the other ones we had many plots going on at the same time that would in a weird way connect with one another and get the major plot going, in this one it seems a lot better handled and more fluid than ever. The interconnection of plotlines is done extremely well and really makes more attached to what is going on with everyone.

Another point that differentiates not only this season, but this show to others is the idea of not having a single main enemy for the entirety of a season but having the focus change between villains throughout the entire thing. This is probably the strongest point on the show. But there is also the fact that characters have progressed so much since the beginning that it is weird to go back and watch an old episode (I know because I decided to see some parts of season 1 again to remember, and it is miles away from where we are now). It is a very satisfying thing to see, how far you’ve come.

Now to season 4 itself. Villains are much better and deeper than before. They bring a new level to the show. It also seems like they amped up the violence in general, there are much darker moments this time around. But it doesn’t come without its flaws. Some episodes reminded me of some moments of previous seasons where characters that appear to be intelligent/smart with their plans and everything are just dumb for whatever reason. Some of them also seem to get lost in their personality, which is bad. And, like in most seasons there is always one or two side-plotlines that you just don’t care about. However, this season is an overall surprise. I saw myself more entertained by Gotham than by all the other superhero shows that I currently watch. It was the best season by far and I’m saddened to know that the next season will be its last…but it is important that good shows learn when to end.


If you want to read a few of my opinions with spoilers, continue ahead.


So, as I said above, some things bothered me in terms of character development. For example, when Penguin loses completely against Sofia (Falcone’s daughter). It feels cheap. Penguin seems to never keep himself on the throne. When he is in there he does something stupid to fall down again. I know that in the comics, it is similar, but at least make him fall down because of something reasonable. I love the moments when penguin shows how badass and ruthless he can be. I also want to mention the Pig quickly. I really liked his arc. It felt so well constructed that I couldn’t wait for the next episode every week. Back to things that annoyed me…the Riddler. He is just not the Riddler anymore. I’m not talking about when he is Ed, I’m talking about when he comes back to being the Riddler, but is a lot less impactful. He is just Lee’s pawn. Isn’t he supposed to be THE RIDDLER? Also, what is going on with Barbara? Why can’t I ever care about her plotlines? It just feels so random and useless. Even with them having an impact on the overall plot, I am never compelled by it. Ow, and finally, we must talk about Jerome and Jeremiah. Cameron Monaghan does an excellent job of portraying both characters, he is amazing. To be honest, I preferred Jerome as the Joker, but Jeremiah is also interesting and creates the event from the last three episodes. I also must be honest in saying that I think Jerome is so good as the Joker (even though he wasn’t actually the Joker) that I would put him on the top of my list as the best performance so far of the character. I know, I know… What about Heath Ledger? He was awesome, incredible. His acting is worthy of the Oscar he got. However, he didn’t exactly portray the Joker that we are used to in the comic books, so I put him in second place for best Joker, but first place for best acting. And that is it, my opinions about some of the things I loved and disliked from this awesome season. I hope the next one is as good or better. I’m already waiting for it.


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