Is it better than the first one? Short answer, probably yes. Deadpool two brings everything you liked from the first one back with a higher budget and even more laughs. I think what makes this one better is probably the quality of the jokes. While I thought the first one was funny, this one has so many more ‘jokes per second’ that ends up beating the original. I can remember many moments in which I was laughing a lot not only for the joke but for the entire situation. There are many unexpected things that happen that, although tragic sometimes, can feel incredibly funny, which brings me to my next point. Deadpool 2 is a lot darker than the first one, the plot is better and more ‘complex’. However, it’s dark moments usually give way for jokes that break the tension. Still, on the subject of the jokes, I want to say one last thing, not everyone will find the entire movie hilarious. I for once didn’t really laugh until the title credits appeared. I thought the beginning wasn’t exactly that funny, but others did. Humor is very subjective, and I think you should go with an open mind to the many different senses of humor it is trying to please.

About the movie itself, I can’t say much about the story because it’s not exactly flashed out on the trailers. But, I will say that it is at least entertaining enough and done in a way that won’t have you paying much attention to its mistakes, even though they are there. An important thing to say is that action scenes are really well-handled. They are better than in the previous one and feel fluid. Characters are as expected, mostly funny. Deadpool reprises his role as Ryan Reynolds and does an excellent job. But seriously, they are one and the same. The other characters also have great moments, at least one for each. References are present throughout the entire movie and might even pass by you. They make jokes with the DC universe, Marvel, US politics and many other subjects, nothing is out of their reach…except for Disney.

In the end, Deadpool 2 is a good, funny and entertaining movie that even though it is not the greatest movie ever that is not what it set out to do. It excels in achieving its goal and might have you laughing for as long as you are willing to.


If you want to read some of my detailed opinions, continue below.


Now, to the spoiler talk. As I said previously, I didn’t really laugh much in the first section of the movie until the title screen. Obviously that you may think it was because of the darker parts of his girlfriend getting killed, but I’m talking about the jokes themselves. They weren’t my humor and felt a little forced if I may say so. However, that didn’t make the movie worse in my opinion. It makes up later with great action sequences and incredibly funny parts. One of my favorites for sure was the whole sequence with the baby legs. That was great. I also enjoyed T.J. Miller’s dialogue in this scene, made me laugh a lot. I know he has been through some controversies lately, but I’m watching a movie, not choosing the president. Deadpool’s 4th-wall-breaking was a lot more present this time and I felt like it worked most of the time. Especially with the last scenes one the credits with him killing himself on the Wolverine movie as well as the Green Lantern script. Juggernaut’s participation was interesting, but not exactly great. I felt like his CGI made him look too much like Steppenwolf from Justice League, in the sense that they both look like oversized dolls. But, they even made jokes about it and it is a Deadpool movie, so I didn’t care much for it. The X-Factor was a surprise, not their existence, but their immediate death. It worked really well and, even though it was tragic to an extent, I was laughing. Domino, however, was great, one of the best characters. Cable also played an interesting part. He was like the father to the childish Deadpool. They had chemistry together, not only the characters but also the actors. Now, the last point I want to talk about is the end itself. Some people might think of it as ‘lazy writing’ and it probably is. But think about it, I never expected anything different. It’s not an Oscar film, it’s a Deadpool one. They even joke about it. If I went to the movie theater expecting something like that I obviously would be disappointed, so don’t do that. Go have fun and turn off your brain for a couple of hours.


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