A divider of audiences, the unbearable season. While many people stopped watching during season 3, some, including myself, stuck to see what came next. I believe we are all disappointed. At first, while the few friends that stuck to see it were telling me constantly how bad it was, I tried being positive. I thought that the bad part was only in the beginning and that eventually it would just wash away and the good bits we know the Flash for would come back. However, it only got worse as episodes went by. The plot was not only predictable but overall bad. Some characters maintained their personalities, while others lost it completely. Caitlin was horrible. Her acting reached new levels of bad for the show and her character didn’t make me care about her problems not even once. Cisco became a bore with uninteresting side plots. Harry, I think, stayed the same. Barry, for some reason, acted more as ‘Mr. Allen’ than the Flash itself. Iris is probably the most hated one for this season. Everyone just joined forces to joke about her “we are the flash” bit. There is not much else to talk about, except for some things that I liked about this season. However, the parts that I liked are spoilers, so I’ll write them below with some other thoughts I had to share. If you don’t want to read spoilers, I’ll just leave you with my final opinion. Season 4 was disappointing, but it wasn’t bad enough to make me stop watching the show. I’ll be returning to watch the next one, still hopeful that they will do something better this time around.




To start the spoiler discussion, I want to bring up the bad guy for this season. DeVoe that, at first, felt like someone who might not be entirely bad, just dishes that halfway through the season and becomes a generic bad guy. His final plan, which had me speculating to try and figure it out what he wanted, disappointed me. Almost everything disappointed me this season. But, I must also point out the best moments, and there are some great ones. There are two episodes in particular that I think stand out as probably one of the best in the series. The first one is episode 6, DeVoe’s origin. Before he had completely forgotten the good in him and made his plan generic to the audience, he was this guy who got powers and thought of a way to improve his mind and the world. Definitely one of the best parts this season. It was an intriguing episode as you didn’t know the villain and his motivation yet. The other one was even better. Episode 10, the return from the mid-season finale. After a short break at the end of 2017, with Barry being caught on a crime scene, they came back with one of my top episodes for the series. Although they had this generic plot on the background about Fallout, the rest was pretty good. I must say that Cecile is a horrible lawyer and that was the worst part of this episode. However, what made this one worth everything was the end. I love when shows do these parallels. It was awesome how they showed Barry and the Flash both being seen differently by the population/city. However, in the end, it doesn’t save the season, unfortunately. The final episode came out last night and it set up season 5. I sincerely hope it is better and brings back some of that inspired writing from season 2 (not all of it though).


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