Another case of an unsatisfactory sequel. I don’t know what it is with movies nowadays that seem to think that the only way to make a good or even better sequel is to make the plot and consequences bigger. It is true that a good sequel must achieve another level of difficulty for the characters or at least bring something different to be dealt with. However, if you have a story that approached the threat of human annihilation, then the sequel shouldn’t be the exact same thing. It really feels like they made this movie thinking the entire time if the sequences they were putting were better than the original. When you make a movie, you should ignore any comparison to previous works. You should tell a compelling and interesting story and stop trying to make it better than what came before. You should stick to what you want, but don’t overdo it. This film and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 are great examples. They are two movies that couldn’t forget the previous ones, even though we, the audience, were ready for something different with the same style. The Golden Circle is not a terrible watch, I had some fun, yet it is not better than the original because it tries too hard to be.


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