A good yet forgettable movie. In contrast to Get Out and Raw, which stayed in my mind for weeks on end, this movie doesn’t have that much of an impact. Moments after I finished it, I forgot I had just watched a movie. I’m not saying that every horror should stay on your mind forever, but it feels like the ending was closed in a way that makes you just forget about it. That is a point I wanted to bring up, without spoilers obviously. I think the ending could have been slightly different. I won’t say how, but I didn’t like everything in it. Still, this movie is satisfactory. Hush is basically about a murderer that tries to kill a deaf and mute woman. The concept is pretty good and is the main reason I wanted to watch it. It makes the film different from the other many that have the same idea of a guy entering your house. It can get you anxious in some moments and it is definitely a fun watch. The main actress acts well, and the murderer is also good. It had a very small budget of only 1 million dollars, so you have to appreciate it for that as well. It can create intense scenes and moments and does surprise you sometimes, without jump scares. If you are looking for a horror/thriller movie to watch on a Friday night that won’t scare you to death, but will entertain you enough, this is an option. It is not as boring as The Invitation, but not as good as It Follows or Don’t Breathe.


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