A well-handled thriller. Green Room tells the story of a punk-rock band that gets into a complicated position after witnessing a murder. I must start by saying that the escalation of problems is done very nicely. You can feel the intensity growing with problems getting bigger and bigger. Characters are at first not very relatable, at least to a majority of audiences, however, after a while, you start caring more about them especially after they get themselves in their predicament. You can put yourself in those characters’ shoes as the situation they encounter could happen to anyone in the right circumstances. The movie doesn’t start very agitated, but soon, with the escalation that I previously mentioned, it gets very intense and you start cheering for the group. Characters have distinct personalities and feel unique. The ending was also good to my view, but I won’t talk about it, don’t worry about spoilers. Basically, this is a thriller worth watching and even though it may not be the best one out there, I think it’s more accessible to people that are afraid of moving into the horror/thriller genre.


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