Where do you start with this movie? It’s incredible to a certain degree, but it’s not perfect. I think it understands well the concept of consciousness and tries to transmit it in an interesting way. Ava is probably the character that, for some reason, I connected the most with. She felt more human than the other two people. I could understand her mental struggle and the level of consciousness that she had achieved. At the same time, I thought that Caleb did a great job to make us care about him. Oscar Isaac makes a great performance as well, but he is no surprise by now. About this movie, though, I thought it was a nice decision to make the pacing of it a little slower with drawn out scenes and ambient shots. I think it worked to create the atmosphere they wanted. The reveals were also very impressive as they just bombard you with several of them on a roll and without warning. The soundtrack deserves to be featured in the review because it fits really well. The ending could have been worked on a little bit more as it wasn’t very impactful for its predictability. In the end, Ex Machina should be watched and appreciated. Its plot is interesting and compelling as well as its characters. If you have someone to watch it with you and discuss later, even better.


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