A very strange and weird ‘thriller’. For a foreign movie, its levels of weirdness are not that high, but are still above average. If you stop to think about what is going on, it’s a very strange concept and situation. I still can’t decide if the movie is good, bad or average. It is definitely slow paced with some parts in the beginning being a little boring. Characters are also weird as they interact in a different way, a bit inhuman. I don’t know if it is the movie or because it is Swedish. Not saying Swedish people are like that, but most movies I’ve seen from them have this weird feeling. The Hunt also has this air to it. People seem to be as cold as the ice around them. I can’t blame it on the movie and definitely won’t blame their culture. However, it must be said that people on the film give the idea that they have only one emotion and I can’t understand which one exactly. The plot is… it is… I don’t know. Interesting, I guess. The concept is intriguing. I am a little stuck on what to say. One thing is for sure, not everyone is going to like it. On Google it says that it is a drama/romance story and I can agree with that to a certain degree. The ‘love’ part is probably what makes this creepier and odder. I guess you should watch it if you are looking for a foreign film about two young kids and the need from one of them to drink blood. I think this explanation will drive the right people towards this movie.


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