Tomorrow (08/06) the first conference of the E3 week will start. EA will be the first one to show its new releases and I hope to be able to bring everything they announce in there. I’ll try doing that with every one of the E3 days. Due to this fact, next week will not follow the usual post schedule. If you are not aware of the conference schedule, here it is:

Saturday (June 9)

  • Electronic Arts (EA): 7:00pm UK time, 11:00pm PT

Sunday (June 10)

  • Microsoft: 9:00pm UK time, 1:00pm PT
  • Bethesda: 2:30am UK time, 6:30pm PT
  • Devolver Digital: 4:00am UK time, 8:00pm PT

Monday (June 11)

  • Square Enix: 6:00pm UK time, 10:00am PT
  • Ubisoft: 9:00pm UK time, 1:00pm PT
  • PC Gaming Show: 11:00pm UK time, 3:00pm PT
  • Sony: 2:00am UK time, 6:00pm PT

Tuesday (June 12)

  • Nintendo: 5:00pm UK time, 9:00am PT


I’ll try to bring the information as soon as possible, but in a format where I give my opinion about each of the conferences and what they announced.

After E3, I intend on bringing game reviews to the blog (it won’t affect the other reviews).


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