An amazing conference, from beginning to end. So far, it is probably the best conference this year. It presented the games in such an awesome way. They really did it this time. Although it didn’t come without its problems. There was near to no interaction with the audience and only trailers and gameplays were shown on the screen. However, it didn’t affect the presentation much as it managed to surprise everyone.

They decided to focus on a few games instead of just showing many, so I’ll talk about the ones that were highlighted. Besides those ones, they also showed what seems to be a remake for Resident Evil 2, a crazy game called Control and some other ones that I didn’t care much about for their quick trailers.


Death Stranding

Death Stranding

Instead of starting in a chronological order, I want to talk about the ones I’m least excited first and then move on to the gems of the presentation. I’m not saying that Death Stranding is going to be bad or anything, I’m just not excited about it. The story, characters, and everything looks crazy and all over the place. I seriously don’t know what to expect since they only showed parts of it that didn’t reveal much.




I don’t have much to talk about in this one, they have been showing the game since last year’s E3 or something so it’s old news already. I’m particularly not much excited about it because it doesn’t seem like the type of game I play, but I’ll give it a try.


Nioh 2

Nioh 2

Now, for some that I’m really waiting patiently for. Nioh was really cool, similar to Dark Souls one of my favorite games. Although the sequel was announced, they didn’t show much, just a quick trailer. It was probably one of the worst parts of the conference, not knowing when certain games were going to be released and most of them only coming in 2019.


Ghost of Tsushima


This was probably the surprise of the conference. I didn’t expect it at all and was amazed. It looked incredible. I was stunned. It was visually beautiful; the gameplay was awesome, and the plot looks immersive. One of the highlights of the entire E3 this year for sure, especially because they introduced it with a guy playing a type of flute.


The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II

Everyone knew it was coming, but even so, everyone was stunned. I was for sure amazed. Two games in a roll with which I was incredibly surprised. The first game of this series was already deeply emotional and immersive with incredible characters and plot. This one looks even deeper with the story going more and more into the mind of Ellie and how she is surviving in this apocalyptic world. Amazing.


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