E3 2018 is over and was a good one. Last year’s conferences were pretty weak in comparison and had not the impact that this one had. Many games were presented that excited me and many out there, I’m sure there was at least one that stood out to you the most. I want to talk about the best moments and the games I’m anticipating the most, as well as a quick conference recap and who I thought won the event.

You might have noticed that I only talked about a few conferences here on the blog. That is because I didn’t think all of them were worth my time. I ended up watching them all, but some were just too simple or didn’t bring enough stuff. I also don’t want this post to become too big, so I’ll mention only the biggest highlights of the few conferences that made an actual impact.



There were three moments worth mentioning about this conference. It was an overall pretty good one. Made me laugh and kept me interested. They explained every game in detail and showed gameplay and trailers for most of them.

The first highlight came early when Todd Howard went to the stage. He introduced Skyrim to never explored platforms…

Skyrim Very Special Edition!!! It is awesome how they make fun of themselves and understand what they are doing. Congratulation to Bethesda.

The second moment came with Fallout 76. They showed a trailer that already had premiered in the Microsoft Conference, but went deeper with explanation of how the game will work as well as other moments of gameplay that showed us a lot about the upcoming prequel. If you want to know more about the game and my opinion about it, you can go to my post about the Bethesda conference.

Finally, there was the announcement of Starfield, with a really small teaser, and obviously, The Elder Scrolls VI, which everyone was waiting for.



Although this conference wasn’t very good in detailing and explaining the games it was showing, it presented us with many amazing trailers and teaser that hyped me for next year, mostly. First of all, there was the newest From Software IP “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice”. It seems to draw many aspects of the Dark Souls and Bloodborne franchises as well as bring completely different and new ideas. The gameplay looks fun and dynamic. I can’t wait to see more of it.

There were several other games they presented, like Dying Light 2 and Metro Exodus, but those you can see in my opinions about the conference.

Finally, probably my favorite moment in all E3 this year. I was watching it live when it happened and made me focus so much on what was happening that made everything a bit more special. When the conference was ending and you thought there was nothing else coming, the screen flickered and everything turned red. Commands appeared on the screen and an input was made: “cd”. At this moment my heart started racing as I put everything together: “cd? CD Projekt? Red? Cyberpunk!”. I was surprised and done for the day. They introduced Cyberpunk 2077 the best way they could and coupled it up with the best ending a conference had this year.



PlayStation didn’t want to have a normal presentation. They didn’t want to have a conference like everyone else. So, they brought immersion. I must say it was one of the best conferences this year, along the other two I talked about. There were two major moments that defined Sony this E3, but if you want to see more you can go to my specific post about it.

The first one was the beginning. They brought a guy to play an instrument. The music seemed to be from The Last of Us, so everyone knew what was coming yet no one expected what was delivered. The Last of Us II lectured some companies out there on how characters should be done. They also taught them how to present a game, giving enough information to please everyone yet not spoil anything important. Naughty Dog never disappoints.

The second moment, even though some people might say there were more, was Ghost of Tsushima. No one was expecting this game, at least I wasn’t. It was so beautiful and different that immersed you completely in it. The gameplay feels compelling enough and the story is interesting, but the graphics and camera work…was just incredible. I can’t say much else as you should watch it to believe me.



I don’t know if you noticed, but I answered all the questions on the title already. The highlights were obvious. The most anticipated games were shown. But who won? I don’t know. I think these three presentations had the best this year, but I can’t say one of them won over the other. They each had their interesting moments. In terms of content, I must say Bethesda won as it presented all the games with details afterwards or before. In terms of reveals and numbers, Microsoft won as it had many awesome games, although almost none of them had their details announced. In terms of immersion and quality of the ‘trailers’, Sony won, basically with just The Last of Us and Ghost of Tsushima. Overall, this year’s E3 was much better than 2017, except for EA.


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