A prequel done right. After the incredible success of Breaking Bad, the sequel had to live up to expectations. I know many people who disliked it, at least in its first season, and I understand. Coming from the tension of a worldwide drug cartel to the everyday life of a lawyer is very impactful, but you must understand that both series have different stories to tell and do it in their own individual way. If you think about it, Breaking Bad had a slow first season (even though I love every minute of it). Some people I know didn’t finish the series because of how slow it was, even though I kept telling them that it would get much better. This is similar, but not exactly the same. Better Call Saul is great, it has the amazing plot development, great characters and something to expect. You know the future the show is heading, but you want to know how it gets there and what happens to the people involved. I think everyone who watched Breaking Bad should give it a chance, it tells you how one of the best characters of the show came to be. For those who haven’t watched the original series, what are you waiting for? Season 4 is coming this year, very soon, so catch up to it before then.


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