Not as funny as previous ones, but still carries the Archer feeling. Now that Season 9 is over, I can say that it has been quite fun. It was not as funny as some of the older seasons, but it kept the style that everyone loves about the show. This time, they went into a different dreamworld in which Archer lives on an island on the Pacific, I think, with some of our favorite characters. The plot is not as interesting and compelling as season 8, so it took me more episodes to get engaged in it. I actually didn’t care much about the whole idol story, but the situations the characters were placed in has always been the focus. The biggest problem I can see with this season is that it hinted at the last season being also in the dream world. I wanted the end of Archer to be back in the actual universe where we followed their stories for over 7 seasons. I’m sure they will be back there by the end of season 10, but at the same time, how much do we want another dreamworld? At least I thought the premise behind the next one (in space) is better than this season’s one. If you watched Archer until this point, season 9 is worth your time. But, if you are waiting for a season that will make you watch the entire show just to get to it, this is not that one. Right now, we can only wait and hope for a great finale to this amazing show.


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