A slightly different crime series. After watching so many shows with the same theme, Broadchurch felt fresh in comparison. It is an English series that revolves around two detectives trying to figure out a crime (at least in the first season). The premise is quite simple and seen everywhere. You are probably wondering if it is worth your time since there are so many of it out there. What makes this one different or any good in comparison to other? It is probably the way it approaches the characters and the crime. It is definitely harder to find out who the real culprit is, but at the same time, that is not the only reason you should be going for a show like this. It is more about the development of the crime and the investigation itself. It is interesting to get away from those big city crime shows and go into a smaller community where pretty much everyone knows each other. There are a few shows that have the same idea, most of them are not from the US, as you can expect. However, even though I’ve been saying that it is, in general, a good show, I must tell you why I never finished it. There is a third season that I never got in to. Season 2 was already worse than the first one and, at that time, crime shows were so saturated on the market, still are, that I just couldn’t go on for another season. If you are an avid fan of the genre, you may like it, I did at that time. However, if you can’t stand the same old detective shows, even if different in a couple of things, Broadchurch is not going to ignite your interest in them.


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