An unbelievable season. After the incredible surprise that was season 1, this had to be at least on the same level, which is not very common these days. A sequel needs to contain a good plot, more character development and, most of all, a convincing reason to exist. Westworld left us with a taste of what would happen, but nowhere near what we got. While many expected 10 episodes of a bloody massacre, they got even more depth into consciousness and characters. In no point you knew where it was heading exactly. You could never be sure. Characters kept surprising you with their decisions and with how deep they were willing to go for their objectives. Dolores shined and so did Bernard. These two were the highlights and probably the true protagonists of this season. The soundtrack and cinematography also were important to make the experience unique and as amazing as before. It is rare for a show to have a continuation that is as good or better than the original, especially if the first one was a surprise. Westworld managed almost the impossible and had one of the best seasons of a show I’ve seen. It made me think about subjects and question the reality of the characters. It is definitely worth the watch and deserving of a full spoiler talk…


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