One of the best hero satires out there. One Punch Man jokes with everything. The main concept of the show is the existence of this man who is more powerful than anything that exists. He trained a lot to become someone who can beat every enemy with a single punch. At first, the premise might seem like those full of action shows, however…wait, there is no, however. The show does have action in pretty much every episode, but it is coupled with comedy and satire. The protagonist is a Superman-type character that is bored with his current power. Put yourself in his position, in which every villain is killed with one punch. After a while, it probably gets very boring. The plot of the show is slowly developed along the episodes and reaches its climax in the last couple of episodes. Characters are actually quite interesting and compelling enough to keep you wanting more from them, in fights and in development. If you are a fan of anime and over the top fights that destroy entire cities, this is definitely for you. If you like comedy in a satirical way and can’t really stand superheroes anymore, One Punch will make fun of all that. I believe that for those already used to the genre will enjoy it a lot. It is not a coincidence that so many people like it.


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