Not suitable for the weak, but wonderful for those who can stomach it. The intensity of this first season was amazing. It keeps you on edge as you get into the mind of some of the characters. The acting is impressive, especially for Will and Hannibal. They work wonderfully together and create the atmosphere everyone wants from this type of show. Of all episodes of season 1, I have to highlight episode 6. It is the most suspenseful, well-acted, well-written and well-developed of all this season’s 13. It had references to the amazing “Silence of the Lambs” movie, delivered in such a way that if you don’t know it is a reference it doesn’t feel forced. It has intense moments and a plot development done exquisitely. The ending also sets up the rest of the season and the conflicts to happen, so I believe it is the best episode of the season. Now, about the show in its entirety, it does an excellent job in delving into psychology and Hannibal’s thoughts. There is a downside to the way the series is made, though. Because the whole idea of a TV show about police trying to catch a different criminal every week is incredibly overused, it can seem sometimes like one of those shows. The support characters from the FBI can feel like those from ‘CSI’. The plot is a lot more interesting when it is focusing on Dr. Lecter and Will, but overall the problems don’t interfere that much. For a first season, Hannibal manages to draw you in and prepare yourself for what comes next. I am recommending it, however, I fell like it is not for everyone, so take in mind.


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